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Consultations are designed to provide functional evaluation of your health, establish practical nutrition and lifestyle habits, and implement an evidence-based strategy to support and enable your body to heal, naturally.


Yearn to learn? No worries…we regularly hold local seminars and workshops for those who have an appetite to understand complex health issues with concrete and practical recommendations.

Meet Robert

Robert Gellibolian, PhD
Founder, Functional Biochemistry & Integrative Health Consultant

I am a scientist (PhD biochemist), specializing in functional biochemistry and integrative health with a focus on hormonal imbalance in both men and women, cancer management and prevention (e.g., breast, prostate, etc.), heart health, weight management, osteoporosis and bone health, inflammation, and intestinal dysfunctions. I do NOT believe in the run of the mill, 'one-size fits all' programs. We are all different and every single one of us responds differently to similar environmental stimuli or even the same foods. Instead, I use science and evidence-based approaches to design a program that will work for YOU. This is where your history, macro- and micro-nutrient distribution, targeted use of natural botanical extracts and supplements, food timing and activity levels and types are all taken into account to create a personalized program that fits YOU.

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