Group Coaching Programs

Group programs are great for providing a supportive, interactive environment to encourage learning while having fun at the same time! You will receive the same health and life-changing program as you would with my one-on-one, but with a group of supportive, understanding women who are looking to make the same changes in their lives.

All this at a significantly lower cost to you and best of all: It doesn't matter where you live or work! You can access the programs from anywhere in the world.

$115.00 /mo
Menopause & beyond

Do you find yourself feeling more than a little off balance as you move into your 30s, 40s, or even 50s and can't be sure why? For women, this period is often punctuated with difficult and sudden decisions. Unexpected physical, emotional and mental changes such as slower metabolism, mood swings, increased feelings of stress, less resilience, loss of libido, and difficulty sleeping can begin to crop up early and unexpectedly. Don't get caught off guard. Our monthly group program was designed to teach you how to regain control and thrive.

$175.00 /mo
Preventing osteoporosis

Bone loss and fractures associated with age is a problem that terrifies people, particularily women as they approach and pass menopause. various mechanisms play a role in bone health such as lack of physical activity or mineral & nutrient deficiencies, or diet and even genetics, but the one that usually gets the most attention is the reduction of hormone levels associated with aging. This 3-month group coaching program is specifically designed to walk you through natural strategies and lifestyle factors that contribute to healthy bones.

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