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The first step in the process is to get to know everything we can about you (and you about us). We will share a series of questionnaires with you designed to tell us about what make you tick (good, bad and down right ugly). Tell us about your eating habits, and lifestyle. Tell us about what has or has not worked for you in the past. Tell us about existing medical conditions you have so we can better work with you within this context.
Using your answers on the questionnaires, we will work with you towards establishing realistic goals, tailored to fit your 'apetite' and 'pace' for change. We will chart an accurate, up-to-date and evidence-based meal and nutritional supplement plan that is personalized to you. This PLAN will be an evolving template used to chart your progress throughout your journey. It will maximize your body's ability to achieve balance.
Throughout the entire process, we will monitor your progress and make changes where needed by eliminating foods that do not work and replacing them with ones that do. This fine tuning allows us to learn a bit about your baseline physiology and appropriately make changes to reset your body's natural rhythm (hormonal, sleep and food timing), with the goal of shifting your physiology from survival to one of THRIVING.
Once we find the "formula" that works for you, we will continue fine-tuning the plan to help you maintain YOUR ideal body health. Next phase is to go beyond the "reset & repair" mode and begin looking into a plan to 'Maintain and Thrive" to allow your body to tune-in and harness your body's potential to keep up and with the natural rhythms of life.
We strive to engage and educate you in every step of the process of what we do and why we do it. This way, you are in the know about exactly what's going on. Through our seminars and workshops, you learn about the latest scientific discoveries related to nutrition. This will help you understand the premise behind the strategies we lay out towards successfully achieving your personalized nutrition goals.


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