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Caroline A.

Caroline A.

Owner /

Contagious Passion
What makes Robert unique besides having the skills and the knowledge to look at the body as a whole is his compassion in wanting to help others. Over the past few years I have seen a huge transformation. He is bridging the gap between science and you. Not very many people can have that gift of knowing something very deeply and also knowing how to translate and help others so that others can live their lives fully and vibrantly. He intrinsically understands the underlying biochemistry of how the body works. He knows how the chemicals react in your body and how the body reacts to chemicals.
Sevan T.

Sevan T.

Psychology Student / CSUN

Love to learn
I am particularly impressed with the passion and concern Dr. Gellibolian has as well as his openness [and ability] to help me understand the physiology of human brain from a point of view that anyone can understand. Sometimes you cannot learn or understand just by reading, you need to have someone with prior experience explain it to you in simple and practical language. I always gain a new perspective of an evidence-based knowledge from Dr. Gellibolian. It is always encouraging, uplifting, and a great joy to be in his seminars.
Rensi K.

Rensi K.

Graphic Designer

Dr. Gellibolian once revealed that his mother used to pray that he graduate from high school. His transformation is a testament to the power of the growth mindset which will support everyone in the face of stress and anxiety. Dr. Gellibolian's view that the gut is the second brain and that depression underlies many types of neurodegenrative conditions inspired me to learn more about nutrition and physiology. I am very excited that Dr. Gellibolian is going to provide more research-based stress relief strategies for the community.

Nellie S.

Business Owner

My first experience was in March, 2016. It inspired me to be even more conscious about my life style. I realized, eating “Organic” (which I started a year ago), it’s not enough. There is another piece of the puzzle that I found out & that was to avoid foods that are harmful to human organs and cause diseases that could be life threatening at times. Now I am an advocate of eating healthy. I would recommend this to everybody from all walks of life. Starting from our schools, parents and anybody who loves to live a happy & healthy life surrounded with happy & healthy families and friends.

Janice C.


I began making changes the minute I left the seminar. My increased understanding of how my body works has given me some of the tools I need to really believe that I can make a difference in my health. I am very grateful and will make a point of going to all future seminars. I am now shifting the way I think about food and feeling much more empowered. I've only been at this for two days but I am already feeling some relief. I would recommend these seminars to everyone I know. There is such hope and such a hopeful message for everyone with health concerns (or loved ones with health concerns) and for those who have tried with poor results and feel overwhelmed with information.

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